The leisure center “Ingerburgskiy”

Among the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, Gatchina is a very unique city. The appearance of the ensemble of the palace and the park, that was formed in the 18th century, is inimitable. Its peculiarities are the simplicity of the lakes – White, Silver and Black, that became the basis of the ensemble, and the unaffected beauty of the northern nature, that merges harmoniously with various architectural constructions – with palaces, pavilions, gates, bridges and obelisks.
The leisure center “Ingerburgskiy” in Gatchina (45 km from Saint-Petersburg) welcomes everyone! Here you can relax, have fun, gather strength, and just have good time drinking our own “Ingerburgskoe” beer.


You can choose any dish from our menu and we will deliver it to you. The minimum order is 350 rub. for Gatchina and 700 rub. – for the district. The payment is made in cash to our delivery person.

“Calcio” delivery service: 8(81371)76079, 8-911-221-03-03

The service is available every day from 11 am till 10:30 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays– till 11:30 pm.

The delivery within Gatchina is FREE!!!








Restaurant and Brewery “Prazhskiy dvorik”

Since 2006 the restaurant and brewery “Prazhskiy dvorik” have had the reputation of a place with good beer, fine cuisine, live music and great service. Peaceful and neat interior fully justifies the name of the restaurant – where Czeck traditions are in the air. The colour-grade, brick work, a lot of wood in the interior and subdued lighting create the unique atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. The space in the restaurant is divided into several zones, so every client is able to find a place he or she likes – a place for a romantic dinner, a business meeting, a big party or just good time with friends.

Every Friday and Saturday there is live music, which creates even more comfortable atmosphere and allows our guests to relax and catch a break from the routine.

Night Club “Liteyka”

Night club “Liteyka” is open for positive and energetic people, who prefer good music and like having fun. Exclusive shows create the atmosphere for enjoying your time here. Various music - from Retro to RnB and different popular music is played to everyone’s taste. There is a restaurant and several bars serving fine cuisine and various alcoholic beverages in the club.

We work every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm till 6 am.
“Liteyka” is a great place for great people.


“Ingerburgskiy” leisure center has 5 billiard tables for playing Russian billiards. They are situated above the restaurant in a special zone.
Billiards is an exciting sport that allows to train your brain, sight and logic. Besides billiards is a nice way of getting away from problems and routine.


Do you like singing? Then this is the place, where you can do it from your heart. Here you can have good time with your friends and cheer up yourself and those around you.
We have got a highly professional equipment and a very wide choice of songs. Every Sunday from 7 pm till 10 pm we welcome you to the singing marathon with the backing vocal. Professional backing vocal is a great help for a newcomer in singing and a great framing for the talent of a professional singer.
But if you are not ready to get on a big stage, there is a VIP zone for you. Here one will also find very professional karaoke equipment. And to make your evening even more special and exciting, there is not only the song menu but also our restaurant menu with fine cuisine.

Feel yourself a real star and sing along!

The Brewery

“Prazhskiy dvorik” has its own brewery and, it goes without saying, the beer is the source of pride here! There are for kinds of beer “ingerburgskoe” in our brewery. Each of them is made of the best quality natural Czech ingredients using the recipes staying the same from the beginning of the 17th century.
Freshly made, preservative-free, “live” beer from our private brewery will become a real discovery for those who appreciate this drink. Real connoisseurs will see the true value of the 4 kinds of “Ingerburgskoe” beer: lager beer, dark beer, amber and wheat beer.
Those who like beer will appreciate German and Czech cuisine served in our restaurant. Those who like gastronomical classics will have a chance to taste Russian, Italian and traditional European cuisine.

Fitness-club “Profit”

“Profit” means active rest and getting joy from fitness and aerobics. We pay individual attention to every client. Reasonable prices make the fitness club available for those who like sport and healthy lifestyle.
We care about our little clients. We also have been developing the direction of different kinds of sports for kids.

In our fitness-club you can find:

A fitness studio
A gym
Aerobic-power trainings
Dancing classes (Strip, Go-Go, Pole dance, Trible, jazz-modern, etc.)
Kids fitness
Swimming pool
“Personal coach” service
Individual consultations of our professional coaches
Special offers for organisations

Water-pipe zone

There are a lot of comfortable lodges with cozy sofas. Water-pipe menu is very rich. Everyone can find what he or she likes on the menu. Our clients can also enjoy fine cuisine and a wide choice of different kinds of tea and coffee of great quality.
The interior of the Water-pipe zone is made in Eastern style with rugs and cushions and , of course, beautiful water-pipes decorated with golden elements.


Our Spa center includes:

Beauty salon
Turkish Hamam
Healing beer baths
Facial and skin treatment, masks, scrubbing, massages, etc.

It is well-known that beer and its derivatives are widely used in cosmetology. We are offering innovative procedures using beer. This procedure will make your skin, hair and nails better. This will help to drop the everyday tension and to get rid of stresses. Your immune system will work better and it will stimulate blood circulation. The beer baths will stabilize the blood pressure and slow down aging processes. While having this procedure our guests are offered a glass of our fine “Ingerburgskoe” beer cooked at our own Brewery “Prazhskiy dvorik”.

Tel. (881371)94425

“Mesto PO”

center in Gatchina (45 km from Saint-Petersburg) welcomes everyone! Here you can relax, have fun, gather strength, and just have a good time drinking our own “Ingerburgskoe” beer. We have different areas here for all kinds of events – from a party for kids to a big company celebration.

Pizzeria, sport bar “Calcio”

We are glad to offer you sports broadcasts on big screens, different lotteries and prizes.
Try our fine “Ingerburgskoe” beer and delicious cuisine of our restaurant.

White Hall

Pure style – these are the words describing the atmosphere and the interior of the White Hall. Marble-white floor and the fountain created by best designers will allow you feel yourself at a royal reception. Here you can taste rolls and sushi cooked by our chef just in front of you.

Blue Hall

Blue Hall is the best space to have a big party. We will help you to think through the menu for your party, organize the entertainment, help with the guests seating and provide the best service.

Grill Bar “Beriozoviy” (Birch)

Only here you can find dishes cooked on the open fire right in front of you. Unique interior, fabulous light – everything is for your comfort. To decorate this Hall we have used real birch trees, transparent glass tables with real logs and red lighting imitating fire, different photos from the famous movies on the walls. These things will make you believe, you are outside in the wood.

Pink Hall

It is created for the real connoisseurs of glamour. The combination of coziness, warmth and cordiality will create a comfortable atmosphere for you and your friends.


The quality and the way Subway sandwiches are made are the same worldwide. That is why when you come to Subway in any place of the world you must be sure you will get a great Sub with your favourite stuffing.

Kids Hall

In our Kids Hall you will get into the atmosphere of fairy-tales, adventures and magic. A special program that you choose yourself will bring joy to you and your kids. There is a special playground for kids where they can have a lot of fun.
If you would like to make a great party for your children, we will do our best to organize it for you. Our designers will help to decorate the Hall with balloons, flowers and other decorations. Our creative team will organize the party for you and your kids so that that you will love it!

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“Ingerburgskiy” leisure center

7th Army street, 22, Gatchina, Leningrad region, Russia
Tel: 8(81371)76212

“Mesto PO” center

Sobornaya street, 18, Gtachina, Leningrad region, Russia
Tel: 8(81371) 76079
8-911-221- 03-03

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